Case Study: The West End Turns a Slump into $72,000 in Additional Sales

Ryan helps manage a group of restaurants in Chicago, they’re popular spots for college football fans, and see a steady stream of repeat business on Sundays. But he noticed sales were down at the West End at the end of Q4 of last year.

He had a hunch it was due to lower repeat customer spend, but he didn’t have the facts to back it up. Then he got Upserve. In one quarter (just 3 months!) he was able to pinpoint the drop in sales to repeat customer business.

He immediately launched a series of targeted in-store promotions – including server re-training and specials targeted at the loyal fans he knew were coming in for the games. He was able to increase repeat customer spend by 7%… which might not seem like a lot. This resulted in an additional $72,000 in sales. That’s a potential increase of $300,000 a year if the trend continues, and that’s only for one of the 10 bars he helps to run. That is a small change with a very big result.

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