“Same fees, seamless integration, and look at all the data that Upserve collects and has at your fingertips. It was a very wise choice on our end and we are very happy with that. Upserve have been fantastic. It's helped us really kind of hone in on how our staff members operate and how our staff members perform.”
Rafael BarbosaOperating Partner of FiRE + iCE Restaurants

Custom Orders, Questions, and Checklists

Though your menu might say “no substitutions”, we can assure you that our restaurant logbook technology is completely customizable to handle all of the unique nuances of your business. Create custom questions and checklists for staff to complete while closing down for the night. If you have a different process for weekdays and weekends, Upserve’s Logbook can accommodate! If you ever need to change your restaurant manager logbook template, it’s something that you can edit in minutes—even from your smartphone!

A Process for Managing Daily Feedback in the Restaurant World

Without guidance, your staff may think it’s ok to leave a series of handwritten notes, texts, or emails to share feedback from their shifts. The problem with this approach lies in the fact that there’s no centralized spot that all relevant team members have access to. As soon as you delete that email or throw out a note, the insight it contains is out of sight and out of mind—forever.

Bottom line: written notes, emails, texts can be inconsistent and hard to manage. Upserve’s Logbook makes the feedback process streamlined – managers can even provide answers to questions right through the Upserve Live app, while you have one place to review and look back on previous comments.

Upserve Live puts all the things you love about restaurant management tool Upserve in your pocket. With smartphone apps available for iOS and Android, you’re always in the know.

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