“For us moving to Upserve was effectively a no-brainer because fiscally it was on par with what we were doing before. And we had all those wonderful sweep of analytics that goes along with it, so on that part it was an easy decision to make. The most beneficial part of the Upserve software is that it's enabled us to be proactive about decision making… it enables us to get in front of the curve.”
Malcolm WooffCFO of The Varano Group

Ditch The Punch Cards And Mobile Apps

When creating our restaurant loyalty software, Upserve went back to the drawing board and decided to come up with something completely different than the standard option. Our loyalty program management practically runs itself—without input needed from customer or business.

By using your customer’s credit card as their loyalty card, guests relax knowing that they’ll always have the opportunity to earn rewards—without adding bulk to their wallet. Since rewards are automatically credited back to the guest, servers never have to worry about discounting the check or missing out on potential tips!

We Ran The Numbers For Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Most restaurateurs don’t foresee the unexpected benefits of adding restaurant loyalty programs: tracking spending habits from your most loyal customers!

The most successful restaurant loyalty programs are built on an understanding of customers and how they respond to incentives. Using our restaurant loyalty programs list of customers and transactions, you can accurately decode which incentives work for your business—and which may need to be re-examined.

As part of working with Upserve, you’ll have access to plenty of help. Specifically, you’ll be paired with a Customer Success Manager who has the knowledge and experience to help you craft a winning restaurant loyalty program. You’ll work closely together to customize a customer loyalty program to fit your restaurant’s branding and desired rewards rules.