Restaurant Analytics For Every Operation

Upserve HQ is made up of many different, interconnected features that include:

"Upserve has helped me to run my business in that I can watch trends… On a general scale it’s fantastic. As an owner I wear so many to be able to just have it all in one spot for myself that’s awesome."
Eric Handwerger, Owner/Operator of Ocean State Sandwich Co.Providence, RI
"For us moving to Upserve was effectively a no-brainer because fiscally it was on par with what we were doing before. And we had all those wonderful sweep of analytics that goes along with it, so on that part it was an easy decision to make."
Malcolm Wooff, CFO of The Varano GroupBoston, MA

Restaurant Management Apps & Restaurant Analytics

Upserve HQ works best when used as a complete, interconnected platform. Whether you’re interested in server performance, menu intelligence, or higher-level sales analytics, each piece of the puzzle works together to paint the story of your restaurant business’ success—and what can be improved.

Save 48% vs. Legacy, On-Premise POS

Guess what? For all the real-time data analytics we can provide to your restaurant, we’re actually more affordable than the standard POS! Factoring in all costs, the three-year cost of ownership for Upserve’s cloud-based Restaurant POS system is 48-51% less expensive than a legacy on-premise solution. We lay out all of the costs you will encounter when buying a POS system.

And the savings don’t stop at the POS purchase. The savings associated with using Upserve HQ span from hardware to software, implementation and support to training and even payments.

Download the complete Cloud-Based POS Cost of Ownership report to discuss with your team.

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