Bars save 48% with cloud-based Upserve POS*

Factoring in all costs, bars save 48% over three years with Upserve POS compared to a legacy on-premise solution.

*Based Nucleus Research’s independent analysis of three-terminal bars and restaurants.

Bar POS Comparison: Upserve vs Toast POS vs TouchBistro vs Lavu

Add a new beer to your POS, without leaving the bar

“Upserve has far exceeded my expectations. User friendly and current information on nearly every facet of this business.”
Dan Clothier

Workforce Management

Upserve’s employee management integrations nix the need for paperwork. With a bar POS system that plays nice with payroll systems, you can schedule shifts, track hours, and communicate like a boss.  

Payroll and Tip Allocation

Reward your hardworking bartenders by accurately allocating the tips they’ve earned. Our gratuity integrations help bar managers calculate, divide and deliver tips, reducing error and conflict. Access these important functions online so everyone gets paid fair and square.

Live Reporting

Do you know how much that merlot is really costing you? Is your happy hour special losing or making you money? Gain insight into item costing analytics using our integrations for purchase management systems. Optimizing ordering will help you cut down on 30-50 hours of manual administrative work. When you need to take a vacation, we’ll stay hard at work – simply check your email and gain access to live reports.

Inventory Management

Boost your bar’s profits and get control of your liquor costs. Our simple and hassle-free inventory management solution will help you streamline back-of-house, reduce waste, and cut your costs, so you can be the boss of your bottom line.