“Upserve Inventory saves us hours a week because it’s all done automatically. Recipes sync to the point-of-sale, so every time we sell a mojito, Upserve Inventory knows exactly how much rum and lime juice was supposed to leave the bar.”

– Roberto Copa Matos, Owner of COPA

COPA restaurant logo

“Upserve Inventory has made it possible for us reduce costs at store level and for the overall company. It’s helped us reduce food cost by 5%.”
Desi Saran, Owner Sweetberry BowlsNew Jersey
“It makes food costing and all that goes with it—ordering, yields, recipes, inventory, waste—easy and effective.”
Dustin Ryen, Co-Owner, Zumapoke & Lush IceDavis, CA

Successful restaurants rely on Upserve Inventory to simplify food costing and inventory management.

Key features to make your life easier.

Automatic Inventory

Feel in control knowing what you have in stock with real-time inventory tracking, down to the ounce of mayo, as menu items are sold.

Recipe Costing

Understand costs and margins for every menu item to design a delicious and profitable menu.

Vendor Management

Save hours by automating the ordering process and managing all suppliers in one place.

1-Click Ordering

Automatically create and place orders in 1-click when inventory levels run low. Lose the spreadsheets and paper invoices.