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Set your customers up with a platform that will grow their business while driving revenue to yours.

Earn up to $2,500 per referral or a % of residuals

Grow your bank account and add value to your book of business.

Earn money for each qualified demo and even more when they become an Upserve customer!

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Partner Types

ISO & Agent

ISO & Agent

Don’t just sell on price like others in the processing industry do today. Instead, differentiate with a full restaurant management solution that keeps data in a centralized dashboard and integrates with other restaurant tech stack leaders.



Empower your consulting business with best-in-class analytics to help your restaurants achieve their goals with real sales trends and actionable data.

IT Networking & Installations

IT Networking & Installations

You service customers with their technology needs and are asked about point-of-sale on a daily basis. Sell with value and provide your portfolio with an end-to-end restaurant management solution that will help your customers scale and grow.



Expand the goods and services you already offer restaurants with a technology that adds value and improves their business operations.

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“Upserve is not a check chaser, they stand by their word. And the quality is there, too.”

Brandy Mayer, Buckeye Infotech

Upserve Partner

“I try to find solutions my customers can really benefit from - for a while there hasn’t been anything of value. Upserve is the exact solution that I’ve been looking for and can help any restaurant thrive.”

Jay, Order Up Analytics

Upserve Partner

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We are growing our partner network and want you to be a part of it. With the Upserve platform, you can provide restaurateurs the solution they’ve been looking for. Fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly or reach us directly at 888-701-5480.

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