We have BIG news!

Upserve is getting a new name and a new design.

We’ve come a long way

We began our journey as Swipely in 2009, and set our sights on helping businesses make better decisions with data. When we learned most of our customers were restaurants, we pivoted to Upserve, acquiring Breadcrumb POS in 2016 and making it our own. Upserve and Upserve POS became the premiere hospitality solution for business owners who wanted their systems and data to work harder for them while retaining crucial information about their guests and diner preferences. 

Over the years, we worked hard to build a superior hospitality product and have looked for new opportunities to provide increased value to our hard-working customers.


Meet Lightspeed

In 2020 Upserve was acquired by Lightspeed, one of the world’s largest hospitality and retail POS providers, and we are now beginning our transition into a single brand and product line.



What does this mean for you?

Frequently asked questions

We’re still the same team and can be reached at help.upserve.com via chat or at (855) 664-3887. Over time our support team will grow to join the Lightspeed support organization.

Lightspeed is one of the leading POS providers in the world. A great Canadian company that shares our values of innovation, quality, and sustainability. But Lightspeed is more than that: it’s a team of welcoming, ambitious, and driven people coming together to pursue the same vision as Upserve with more means and resources. We’re all here to help you grow your business.

We are changing for the better. As the first part of our journey into the Lightspeed Family, we have made some small changes to our logo. Soon, you will notice changes to the color palette and logo across your Upserve POS and Insights products.

As Upserve has always strived to innovate and update our product, any new changes will be implemented with lots of notice and training, so you don’t have to worry about learning how to use a new point of sale. Your Upserve solutions will remain as robust and intuitive as we fast-track the release of new features and improvements. Stay tuned!

Upserve is now part of Lightspeed, and as our products evolve, so will our name and design. You’ll see more and more of Lightspeed, and less of Upserve. But the core of the product and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction will never change. Upserve is evolving, and we want that to be reflected in our name and brand as well.

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