The Upserve by Lightspeed Story

Every day, 15 million Americans show up to work at a restaurant. Almost all restaurants have fewer than 50 employees and most are independent, not part of a giant chain. The restaurateurs leading these businesses run on tight margins and they don’t have much time, making it harder than it needs to be to take their restaurant to the next level.

That’s why we created Upserve Restaurant POS and Management Software, serving up clear guidance that makes your restaurant thrive. Offering pointed and timely guidance, Upserve makes it easier to manage guests, staff, marketing, finances, online ordering, inventory, loyalty programs, and even your menu.

After 11 years of empowering independently owned restaurants, Upserve is now part of the Lightspeed family. As Upserve by Lightspeed, our restaurant partners can expect the same product, support, and prices they count on, now backed by Lightspeed’s customer resources, larger investments in product development, and bigger support teams. You can learn more about the Lightspeed acquisition here.

Running a restaurant isn’t going to get easier. But it will keep getting smarter.

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